An area of outstanding windsurfing locations Enter
An area of outstanding windsurfing locations
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Mouth of Budle


The beach just to the south of Budle Bay, just north of Bamburgh beach. Benefits from having more wind than Budle Bay or Beadnell on a westerly direction due to the high ground (70m hill) funnelling effect beside it, and flattish land just upwind.

Works best on westerly directions, (cross off). A clean wind for a westerly, coupled with a northerly swell gives some of the finest classy cross off clean wave sailing on the Northumberland coast. A bit of a carry with the carefully selected kit, requires a good level of fitness and strength, and sailing ability/experience. Limited parking.

Can be sailed at most tides, on a spring high tide the beach will disappear with the tide right up against the rocks and dunes. Sailing is still possible but access becomes more difficult. Rock outcrops at points, but flat sandy beach off high tide. Waves and flat water.