An area of outstanding windsurfing locations Enter
An area of outstanding windsurfing locations
  • Sun 11 Jun
  • Northumberland
  • Surf: 2-2ft
  • Wind: 12mph SSE
  • Temp: 13°c
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  • Surf: 2-2ft
  • Wind: 12mph
  • Temp: 13°c
  • Dir: SSE

The sailing club is located in the middle of the reservoir which sits almost 1000 feet above sea level. On westerly or easterly winds they are funnelled by the west to east running valley. A stunning setting with good facilities, good parking and access, hot showers and changing rooms, a clubhouse serving hot food and drink.

Sailing is flat water blasting but on high wind days a sizeable chop becomes a small swell running down the lake. The best sailing is normally on a WSW directions as they give medium strong wind sailing. On light wind days there are a lot of sailing boats out as well. £15.00 for a day ticket on limited days or a fee payable which allows sailing on a buddy system at any time. In the summer sometimes the only place to have medium/strong wind. Good blasting with a sheltered full power flat water gybing bay, can have very satisfying blasting.