An area of outstanding windsurfing locations Enter
An area of outstanding windsurfing locations
  • Sun 11 Jun
  • Northumberland
  • Surf: 2-2ft
  • Wind: 12mph SSE
  • Temp: 13°c
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Coquet Island

  • Surf: 2-2ft
  • Wind: 12mph
  • Temp: 13°c
  • Dir: SSE

A nice sandy beach with a few rocks and outcrops, with an island about a mile offshore with reefs extending to it at either end of the bay. Best times to sail are at Neap low tides to mid tide, low spring tides shallow out.

This will give either flat water blasting or cross on wave sailing on a NW or a SE. access ok, parking good but carrying the kit not easy, sailing can be good. High tides flood over the reefs and can cause big rips. Good waves and flat water.