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An area of outstanding windsurfing locations
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Budle Bay


A lagoon just round the corner from Bamburgh beach. It is a tidal lagoon that fills up 2 hours before high tide and empties 2 hours after high tide. Relatively shallow in spots. No waves get into the lagoon so there is only wind chop to handle. Really beautiful spot.

There is no water in the bay at low tide. Sailable 2 hours before and after high tide. High Spring tides are the best, more sailing area and depth of water good for a few hours; neap tides do not fill the bay.

Currents on the incoming and outgoing tides can be strong as the bay is getting shallower, danger on the outgoing tide as the current will take you out of the bay.

Budle Bay is closed to Sailing from November 1st to the end of March due to the site being on a migratory route for many species of birds. Please adhere to this rule. Access to the bay is very good from the middle of the south side lane.