An area of outstanding windsurfing locations Enter
An area of outstanding windsurfing locations
  • Sun 11 Jun
  • Northumberland
  • Surf: 2-2ft
  • Wind: 12mph SSE
  • Temp: 13°c
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  • Surf: 2-2ft
  • Wind: 12mph
  • Temp: 13°c
  • Dir: SSE

A natural safe haven formed by two outer reefs create flat water blasting at times in the bay and waves breaking on the outer reefs (sailable from mid to high,) can be good if only a small wave, but in huge S-SE-E-NE-N swells can a provide a place to sail.

Versatile little spot, no water and dry reefs at low spring tides, neap tides sailing possible in the bay on flat water (reef still dry) but possible to sail through the gap in the reefs to the open sea. From mid tide there is plenty water to sail the bay and towards high tides there is enough depth of water to sail over/on the reefs, cross off to cross on the reefs. Rocks/sand in the bay/reefs, weed can be problematic but can be very good. Sits out on a point so it sometimes catches wind when nowhere else does. SE picks up more wind here than most places. Waves and flat water.