Our History

Northumbrian Windsurfing Club has a history spanning four decades and has seen many changes in that time.

Our roots took hold at "QEII" Lake at Ashington, Northumberland, in the late 1970's when the club was formed as "Wansbeck Free Sailing Club".

Thankfully this was changed to "Wansbeck Boardsailing Club" and the club went from strength to strength with club racing and various other activities taking place right throughout the year. These were the days of 6.5m "Regatta" sails with their tiny windows, wooden dagger-boards and the like.

In 1983 the regional windsurfing association "North East Wind Surfers" was actually born out of the club. NEWS, a purely racing organisation, has become a breeding ground for success with several of its younger (and not so young) members competing and doing well at national and international competitions.

By the 1990's the club had moved to a new venue, Druridge Bay Country Park, and become "Druridge Bay Windsurfers". Our base was there until 7 years ago when we decided to abandon the home water in favour of the variety, cleaner winds and challenge of sailing at coastal locations. The club name then changed, yet again, to it's present form! Many changes there have been, but one common factor remains - we are, and always have been, purely a windsurfing club, run by windsurfers for windsurfers!

About Us

Northumbrian Windsurfing are a collection of likeminded people who windsurf primarily in NE England. We sail mainly Northumberland and Seaburn/Shields at Druridge Bay, Blyth, Coquet Island, Alnmouth, Boulmer, Newton Links, Beadnell, Bamburgh, Budle Bay and Derwent Reservoir with regular visits to Redcar and the Cumbrian Coast. The group is mainly made up from the NE Windsurfing Clubs, which are principly Northumbrian Windsurfing .... http://www.northumbrian-windsurfing.org.uk/ .... Derwent Sailing Club. .. http://www.drsc.co.uk/ ... our Scottish neighbours, Caledonian Windsurfing ... http://www.cwsc.org.uk/ ... Kielder Sailing Club ... http://www.kielderwatersc.org/ ...... and the wind and waves crew ..... http://www.windnwaves.co.uk/ Regional kit suppliers and schools are: Surfstore ... http://www.surfstore.co.uk/?gclid=COrn4d_aorACFUxlfAodO2VCaw and Boardskillz ... http://www.boardskillz.co.uk/

Benefits of Sailing with Us

The club safety policy is nothing more than common sense that basically translates into a "buddy" approach when sailing, where everybody looks after each other. This is particularly important, and comforting, when sea sailing - our number one priority is to have fun, but we like to do it safely.

Free coaching
There is no better way to improve your windsurfing skills than by sailing with people who are more experienced than yourself. Some club members have been sailing (and racing) since the "early days" and are more than willing to help fellow sailors of all abilities with the tuning requirements of either equipment or technique.

More fun
It is simply much more fun to sail with friends, especially when they are as passionate as you about the sport. It's always good to have witnesses (and encouragement!) when you crack that move you've been persevering with for ages, or alternatively, when do your most spectacular crashes!

More sailing
You're rarely stuck for sailing company if the wind is blowing and if your hands can stand the cold, there are members that sail 12 months of the year.

Natural Beauty
Northumberland has clean water, miles of clean, sandy, often deserted beaches, an almost total lack of other water-users and, quite simply, beautiful surroundings. The whole seventy-mile stretch between the Tyne and Berwick on the Scottish border enjoys the status of "outstanding area of natural beauty".

Thursday 22 March 06:10, Direction: East North Easterly, Speed: 12knots

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